Email attachments are not getting saved to local folder

Hi All,

I run a bot to save email attachments to local folder. The script is running successfully, but not sure why attachments are not getting saved. Kindly please assist.

can you try using the full path e.g.

C:\Users<username>\Desktop\Smar Format V3…

Tried that way too,bot is running successful if it possible can you assist me via connecting through Zoom


Can you try as

in filter by file name? It is shown in the eg

Hope this helps you


I think the extension .xls & .xlsx are not supporting in studio x

I was doing another automation , moving files to folder, bot is running for other extension but for xlsx it is getting stopped

The bot is running successfully, but output is not showing


Output is to save the .xls files to save to the folder you mentioned

Check If the email is containing the .xls files

Hope this helps you


yes it is in .xls format only, can we connect?