Save csv file as xlsx failed

Hi all,

Saving excel file as xlsx always failed… I created very simple workflow as below.

  1. open csv file with excel
  2. open save as window, rename file and select xlsx file type with select list item.
  3. press save button.

I checked all selector but its fine…
(some case it saved as csv instead excel, some case pressing save button failed…)

Does anybody know similar case?


Hi @Jumbo

I would like to suggest you for easy way to convert CSV file to Excel
Your can use [Balareva.CSV.Activities] to do that.

for selector does not work case, you need to using wildcards and validate it by Ui Explorer.

I hope it will be help you.

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Thanks for your reply, as you know, I have some other way to do this,
but I’m just wondering why I cannot click save button… I suppose I can do the way with other version…

Hi @Jumbo

What is your program version.
I using studio version 2019.8.0 with excel 2013 and
I don’t facing any problem about selector in excel.

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Hi Jumbo,

2 methods:

read the csv in a datatable and save the datatable to xlsx via write range

open csv in excel
hotkey f12
Select Item ‘ComboBox’ → wnd aaname=‘Save as type:’ cls=‘ComboBox’
“Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)”

IF the Select doesn’t work you can do it with a click
and hotkey e
(but if it is already on xlsx it will chose another format starting with e)

I preffer method 1 as you don’t have to open excel at all and you can use the write range from the workbook activities.

@Jumbo After selecting the list item, send a tab or enter key maybe as it may not take the list item before saving?


Thanks for your confirmation, so might be my setting matter.
I’m using Microsoft office 365 Excel and it is 64 bit, perhaps it might cause… I heard something about it before…

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@JoVansant @TimK

Thanks for your reply. I will check.