Save Attachments activity not working properly

I have a problem saving attachments from imap gmail locally.When i run the automation i get 0 errors and the mail.attachments.any variable is true but it doesn t save the attachment from the email into the needed folder.Everything seems updated.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Andrei_Oprisor

Check the folder path correctly in the save attachments
Try by debugging the code

Hope it helps


  1. Ensure the folder path is correct: Verify that the folder path where you are trying to save the attachments is accurate. Double-check that the folder exists and that the automation has write permissions to that location.
  2. Check the Save Attachments activity configuration: Make sure that you have correctly configured the Save Attachments activity in UiPath. Ensure that you have provided the correct input parameters, such as the mail object or the mail message variable, as well as the folder path where you want to save the attachments.
  3. Verify if the attachments have a valid file name: Sometimes, attachments in emails may have special characters or invalid file names that could cause issues when saving them. Ensure that the attachments have valid and supported file names.

Hi @Andrei_Oprisor

Try to debug the program and check, before that check the destination folder is available in your machine or not.

If its also not works

Then Delete and reassign the save attachment activity and change the folder path and store the folder path in a variable and pass in the save attachment activity.

Hope it helps!!