Save attachment activity not working when email contain tmp.1 file


I have save attachment activity. The email contains a tmp.1 file + excel file. (not sure what a tmp.1 file is) But I don´t need that file. I need to save the excel file that are in same email. But this tmp.1 file is preventing me to save anything from the email. As it works fine when the email does not contain the tmp.1 file. Can anybody give me some advice how to solve this? Also tried to use filter in the save attachment properties but that does not either work.

Hi @Robert_Winberg ,

Sharing my thoughts on the issue you mentioned.

I feel the issue is related to Outlook’s Temp folder. Incase your outlook temp folder is full it creates temporary files for all the attachments we receive through emails. Better we can resolve this issue by clearing some space in the outlook temp folder.

Please refer the below link. it might help you to guide on how to remove the data in outlook temp folder. Hope it will resolve your issue permanently so that you would not get temp attachments. thanks.

Thanks for the advise. But I dont think this is the issue. I use gmail. I have found out that when the tmp.1 file in the email as an attachment, Uipath treats the file as its email body, and ignores the fact that there is also excel file attachment in the same email.

This is still unsolved. I don´t think its this temp file that is causing the issue. I have forward same email to my personal inbox and that way I am able to save the attachment(excel) to my drive. To me the issue seem to be with the fact that the email in sent “via” some other address. How to solve this?

so what I mean is that forwarding manually the email, the save attachment is working. BUT when forwarding the email with the gmail auto-forwarding the save attachment does not work.

Lograste solucionarlo ??