How to Right-Click Save As in Chrome?

Hey guys,

What is the best way to Right-Click and Save As in Chrome? So that you can download a file but enforce the Save As dialog?

Note, I cannot use HTTP Request to directly download the file as the website requires username and password login.

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you can enable your chrome settings that always ask when download , you can simple send hotkey
step1 change the settings in chrome to ask file path every time while download

step2 send hotkey ctrl+s

step3 in pop up window use type into your path with file name with extension

Thanks for the feedback. The issue I also have is the Prod machine has chrome setting for automatic download on Click. My Dev machine prompts every time to Save As to file location. So I want to mirror the situation on Prod machine. I’m a bit hesitant to change the settings on Prod machine as well.

I thought there must surely be a way to force to click ‘Save As’ every time, so it works regardless of chrome settings… any ideas?? Otherwise , I may have to just conform to automatic download and then Move File but seems like lots of extra steps I want to avoid.

then please send hotkey shift+f10 it will trigger right click

Hey @Jon_G

Complete the login step in browser.

Instead the doing save link as, just scrape the link and use it in http activity which will help you download the file directly to a custom location.

Hope this helps.


Hello @Jon_G

Here in your case even if you save the link, how you can call it? You have already mentioned http is not allowed.

What’s the challenge in downloading the file and if it asks for the credentials then enter it via automation? Is there any challenges in doing that?

Hey so I’ve tried the above steps already but it wasn’t working for me. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I’ll have another try of it soon and let you know if I have any luck

I tried logging into website manually with user and pass, scraping the href attribute, performing HTTP request but it always just returned a html "Access denied " type of page. But when I right click and Save As, it allows me to save the file to a specific location.

I guess the key thing here is that I want to be able to enforce Save As so I can specify the folder to save the file to. And so that I’m not relying on settings in Chrome that may be inconsistent from machine to machine. I want to guarantee the save as prompt appears.

Hey @Jon_G

Else a simple workaround I would say is once the file downloads to a default location just move it to the needed location.


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Hello @Jon_G

Did you tried to record the save as process? Just try to record it using App/web recorder.

Once the file downloaded you can move to specific folder using move file activity… else you need to set the default download folder in chrome as per your requirement.