Save As option not available on the left side of the picture, but available on the right side

Hello guys,

I’m facing weird issue with right click activity.
Apparently, when I right click on the left side of the image, Save picture as is not available, but If I do same action on the right side of the picture - it is visible.(GIF below)
What am I doing wrong? This problem of course caused selector issue.

Thanks in advance.

Offset the coordinates where the cursor is right-clicking. There is likely another element in front of the image which as different properties.

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Should I use some property for that, e.g. SimulateClick?

SimulateClick won’t work for right-click events. There is a property here in the Click activity to offset the coordinates in pixels. Position is the point from which the offset is made. Try experimenting with different offsets to find the one that works best for your case.

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Thank you very much! :pray:

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