Right click save is not working for me

on image i am trying to dothe right click for save the image but as soon as i clicks -right click , recording stops.
its a commom feature but dont know why i am not able to do it. guide me pl. where i am missing something

Hi @planet.ten,
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You need to select image with left button and then in click activity set the property so it will use the right one.

Then for the next step you need to add another click and postpone the recording with F2 so you will have 5 seconds to open the context menu for option selection.

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Thanks for your reply PW. but the thing is, the same i read yesterday and tried a lot and after that only i post my question. it is a small task but its not happening at my end.
any video or more details would be a great help for me pl.
Thanks again for your help

Here you go: