Right Click on URL and click Save as Link


I was trying to save a document…so trying to right click on document link and trying to click “Save Link as…”…

But the issue is the “Save Link as” is not working and throwing selector issue…


I don’t want to open the document and then Ctrl+S…

I Just want to right click the link and click save as…

please help me…

hey @maddy99
What’s the selector issue coming up. Can i get to know that?

Hi @maddy99,

I hope while using “Click” activity you selected right click option in the property?

@maddy99 - Are you trying this in this browser? I assume yes…Could you please share the screenshot of your workflow?

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Iam Sorry not the selector issue, But the UI Element not valid Issue…

Just try this once if it works.

Hi @sharmi_86,

Iam using the Right button to open the pop-up then left button to click on save link as

Hi @prasath17,

Yes, Iam trying it in chrome…but having UI Element not valid Issue…I was thinking the pop-up after right clicking the URL…is not been identified by the bot…

Please Check the test flow…I was checking By opening the page…

And this is the error…Iam getting…

These are the properties for click
First Click

Second Click

hey @maddy99
Try this method once and tell if working or not

Hi @nv08,

It’s works Thanks…

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Kindly mark as solution if it works stable. :blush:

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