How to save as file name

Hi, i need the bot read the file name from my excel list and download the file.
How can i ask the bot to download and rename the file name as what the bot read in excel list earlier?
Or can i use “Save As” function? But i do not know how i can ask the bot to name the file according to the excel list. Any idea?


To rename file, you can use Copy activity it has two properties source and destination path,
Source path - provide same file name which is used to downloaded file
Destination path - provide a modified name that you wish.

Does it help?

@Pankaj.Patil hello, do u mean this activity?
Isn’t this function only for moving files from one folder to another folder? How do i rename it?


Yes, you’re right it copies file to different location but also renames file.
give different name along with destination path in To(Destination) property of this activity.
just follow my instructions you will succeed.

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