How to Save and SaveAs the Excel File

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I wanted to do below two operation in excel file - StudioX.

Working with excel will require you to use an excel card which by default saves after each operation.
Then in the end, since we don’t have yet an activity to “save as” you can simply use “copy file” activity and use for output your desired name, as workaround.
1.excel card pointing to an excel file your work on it
3.add “copy file” activity to copy your excel file to a desired new file name.

Hi Saransr, you may find the save as answer here:

If you’re trying to watch this video and aren’t able to follow the steps, it’s because he is using Studio (not StudioX). Please reference the steps below for how to trigger a Save As command using a Send Hotkey function in StudioX.

First off…yes, you can send a Hotkey function in Excel, but you have to do it as multiple different actions (Use Excel & Use Application). You need to either embed the Use Application inside the Use Excel or have it run after the Use Excel. Also, you need to reference the specific Excel window name (usually the file name) under ‘Application arguments’ when using the Use Application (not required when embedding function, but is required when running after Use Excel completes).
*When not embedding Use Application, remember to set the Use Application ‘Close’ property to “Never” or it will close the Excel window before you’re finished using it.
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