'save as'-downloaded files

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I would like to ‘save as’-downloaded files. Is there any way to do this without clicking the little arrow in the screenshot? Clicking the arrow with webrecorder is very unstable.

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Use send hot key and pres Ctrl+F1.

You can use this xaml to download file from IE.
Just invoke and Give the File name with full path as argument..
Try and let me know.
DownloadFileForIE.xaml (17.1 KB)

Hi Yajiv,

I invoked the workflow and added the path. However, it doesn’t seem to save the file.

Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I am now clicking the button that starts the ‘open + save + close’ bar and then invoking your workflow.

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For your reference, this is what the workflow looks like now.

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The Ctrl F1 button doesn’t seem to work unfortunately

It worked, thank you!

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Invoke that after clicking download button,it will take care of everything…
Cheers @Miketb

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