SAP Upgrade requires remapping elements

We had developed a process mapping with SAP elements. ON SAP upgrade noticed selectors had changed and required remapping all elements as new attributes got added. How do we handle it so that any future upgrades should not impact y process.

Unfortunately system upgrades are one of the biggest problems faced by RPA. There is an extent to which you can predict system changes but this requires making selectors less specific so there is a balance to be maintained.

For example, you know the window name is likely to remain the same so you should keep this, but the form name may change slightly, so…if you don’t need the form name to identify the correct element you could remove it to make your process more robust against system changes. However, they still need to work correctly!


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After upgrade in SAP to 740 logon pad and some patch updates we see inconsistency n elements mapping.
Selector is not steady and sometimes only parent element is shown

I’m facing the same issue.

Uipath is not able to detect object in SAP 740. It detects whole application as one sometimes.

Note: scripting is enabled at server & client side.

With SAP 740 I found that Uipath itself is unable to find selectors sometimes including detecting the whole application as one rather than individual components however UiExplorer seems to find them fine so it might be worth trying UiExplorer to get selectors in SAP.

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