SAP Selector Moved

Hi, Recently SAP Updated to 7.70. With this Update it seems SAP selector has been moved to Left Side.

Here, the selector belongs to the (Tick) Mark. But showing somewhere. what is the issue. It was working fine with SAP 7.60 .

I have check changing the screen aspect ratio of my system. I dont use external monitor

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It because of Version change and I have faced this quite often

Did we try reselecting the element and access it with UiPath activities
It will work for sure

And the reason whenever there is an upgrade in SAP, some of the pages in SAP with its xml elements will get changed with its value slightly
Because of which bot won’t be able to access that element

Cheers @Kathiravan

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Hi @Palaniyappan , Thanks for your support. Actually the below answer helped.

Thanks to Vijay

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