SAP table update using Uipath

I have a excel table with 4 columns and I have a SAP table with 3 columns(first 3 columns are same in Excel and SAP), now I need to copy the 4th column from excel and replace that value in the 3rd column in SAP by matching country and ID. If the quantity is 0 then I have to enter new row in SAP. Can any one tell me how to achieve this please?

Hi @antoromeo18,

First of all, you must have Scripting enabled in SAP to have the best automation experience.

I would advice to use the UI explorer and take a look at the Selector in SAP [quality, ID 1] and see if it has some form of coordinates. like column 3, row 2 or [3,2] etc. create a custom selector where you increment the row number. Then I would build loop around it, where you get the value for each quantity number, by incrementing the row number. Replace using the same selector to write the date from a datatable, after the value has been checked for ‘0’.

I hope this will help you. ^^

HI @antoromeo18

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Best regards, Lev

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