How can I compare item SAP and Excel by selected some item inline (SAP) for an update?


please advice me about UiPath, if I want to update data by selected item in line that same as the item in excel file and update only the Qty number in SAP. Sample: Find and Update only the item 5LS02BD2206G0000 = 30 (in excel) from number 40 in SAP (column M 02.2021) etc.

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Please help me understand better. Are you saying to change the Excel value from 25 to 40?

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Sorry for the late reply.
From the figure, I need to change data in SAP from 40 to 25.

Hi @Supot_Punchuen ,

First you need to use UiExplorer to examine the selectors inside the SAP table. See this post for reference.

After you have correctly ascertain the selector that uniquely capture the cell “40” for column - M 02.2021 and row - SLS02BD2206G0000, you can use activity “Type Into” to replace the value from “40” to “25”

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Thank you for helping me with this issue.
I can solve it already.

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