Need a SAP-UiPath Solution

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I have one scenario below where unable to find solution for it can someone please help?

The screenshot below is a part of SAP Transaction where i have to update the net price corresponding to short text(the data should be retrieved from excel file).
My query is how can i check the short text update the net prices lines in below screenshot.Here it has only one line but in other cases there are more than 10-20 lines.Can you please help with a better solution for it?

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Use Get Text activity to get the value from SAP window and compare with the Excel

Hope this may help you


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  1. use get text activity for each cell (SAP)
  2. work on selectors and modify based on id number of each cell (SAP)
  3. loop through and get text for each SAP cell and do compare .

Note: each SAP table and its cell has some fixed selectors for each row and its cell


Have a view on this thread for more ideas

Cheers @JITU99

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if you are unable to update the the net price of the rows that are not visible, you can try

  1. use data scraping function in uipath , or download the table as spreadsheet (if that is possible).
  2. Then loop over the resulting datatable

2a. For each material, filter the table to only show that material, so that you only need to update the first row each time.

2b. If filtering takes too long, you can also record a SAP GUI Script of you updating the first row and run this script for all the other rows.
something like this where you have a price and row Number argument. THen you can call this script in your for each loop

This is just an example, you have to record yourself to get the actual selectors

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