SAP statusBar - what's MessageData output?

i’m using the SAP Read StatusBar activity, but i don’t know what’s the use of MessageData property?

Can anyone share a pic of SAP statusbar also the MessageData output?

Thanks a lot!!

HI @pitaty

Read the manual :slight_smile:

Best regards, Lev

i’ve read. But no MessageData property showed in here


This is an example. Does it help you?


Can you try to output MessageData for me . I want to see the result for that property


So, let me describe it once more

Any numbers in StatusBar are MessageDATA. With the Activity we are reading all data from statusbar and putting them in the variables. on the screen it is MessageDataPO. If you want to diplay this, I am using MessageBox and add MessageDataPO(1), means I am reading the array of data. I want to access (1) element.


I’m getting to know better. Can you kindly share the running result for me ?
It would be clearly for me to see.

The result is image right?

Correct! See the example below

Thank you so much!!
I understand clearly now.