Issue in Selecting blank value in dropdown and verifying and capturing status bar in sap

I am facing 2 issues.
1: I have scanned a dropdown in SAP.I am able to select any value in the drop down but when i select Blank it is not selecting the value.

2: When sales order is saved i want to verify the status message and capture the sales order number.

Please let me know how can i do this.

HI @amitkk_84

ad 1: please give me screenshot to understand better your challenge

ad 2: Use SAP Read Statusbar activity

Read Statusbar Activity is available here:
→ go to Manage Packages, set the checkbox on “Include Prerelease” and upgrade to UIAutomation Package 20.2.0-preview. This includes our latest SAP development and SAP Activities out-of-the-box

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks a lot.It worked.

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