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Hi dear fellow RPAers :slight_smile:

I am starting with RPA and UI Path trying to automate some very tedious tasks (copy and paste) like “purchase requisition (PR) creation”.

The majority of my robot is working fine and it does what it needs to do but I need to “get” the document number / PR number, once my document is saved. This usually gets reported to the SAP statusbar.

I see that there is a SAP addon including an activity “read statusbar” which is referred to here: but I can’t seem to get this running. I am currently running UI Path Studio v. 2019.10.2

Any help is very much appreciated.


Hi Phil,
Can you try to use get text activity and see if selector is working fine or not.
if it is working fine… then use the same selector for UiPath.Core.Activities.SAP.ReadStatusbar

Hope my inputs are useful.

HI Phil,

You have to go to Manage Packages window, choose Official Packages, activate Include Prerelease checkbox and search for UIAutomation Activities and grab the version 19.12, then you will get the whole SAP Activity Pack available in your Studio and you can easily use Read Statusbar activity

More info here:

Best regards, Lev

Perfect, this did it! Thank you!

I know simply enter my variable name in the MessageText field and reduce it down to the 10 rightmost characters (which holds the document number I need).

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