SAP Selectors offset from input fields

One of our developers was working with StudioX and found that while UiPath could detect the text fields/buttons properly in SAP, they were weirdly offset up and to the left:

I have never seen this before. In fact, myself and another developer opened their project on our own computers in StudioX and did not experience the same issue (the detected fields lined up exactly with the SAP fields; normal behavior).
I had the user try a fresh new project, reinstall both SAP & UiPath, and the problem still persisted. Our last resort is to give them a new computer but I wanted to check here first and see if anyone else has experienced such an issue.

The misplaced selector prevents the automation from running properly because UiPath does detect the selector still and tries to click/type but does so in the wrong spot on the screen.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide, thanks!

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Maybe following will help for the next analysis steps

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Wow, yeah that did it. Thanks!

I will be sure to share with the rest of our developers.

thanks for the feedback

in the area of SAP we are very well supported by our members @StefanSchnell and @LevKushnir and we want to express with this line our respect and thanks for the constant help :+1:


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