SAP Selection

Hello together,

I have one question in Studio X , hope you can help me - how can I handle it to click on this field in the screen? Selector and everything I know does not work.

and then I have this screen as the result.

How can I click a special line for this one? Maybe you know some Shortcuts or Uipath activities

thank you so much !

kind regards

Hi @christian1,

When you use keyboard shorcuts for the specified row (like Y), is the choosed area will be Y:=Y Vendors per account group?

If it works you can use keyboard shortcut and press Y after that Enter. I guess it should work.

You can see the details from this document.


Hello Ömer,

Thank you , that’s good for the context menu! Do you also know a shortcut to open the menu , because as you see in picture 1 the selector doesn’t work,


Use the “Click toolbar button” activity, but select as shown in my screen - whole area, not the button only. Then you’ll see all the needed options in the activity.