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In SAP, I have a transaction with several columns.
I need to click on one of the column header and then filter data.
My column is not visible when transaction is executed and I have to scroll to the right. I that a way to execute such a step using StudioX - to scroll?

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Check for this activity package

SAP WINUI Automation

Cheers @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka


SAP activity does not work here.
Unfortunately column headers are not recognize as an element.
So far the only way is to use Click activity to really click on the column header. Shortcut Ctrl+left/right does not work.
Any idea for StuioX?

We can then go for SEND HOT KEYS
With keys like end or pgdn

Cheers @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka

Transaction pages are quite weird. Stimulate and SAP activity doesn’t help is there.

we have achieved this as follows.

Selected the column element and had a
Do while loop
in that Element Exists for that column element we want,
Then there were 4 Send Hotkeys in sequence with 500 DelayBefore
Do while was with a condition, that Element Exists should be true to get out of the loop

This use to take us to that column and then we click normally on that column to sort

Right for STUDIO but is that possible anyhow in STUDIOX to perform such a sequence?


in StudioX, there’s Check App State for Element Exists

Hotkey is named as Keyboard Shortcut, below is the sequence skeleton just to give you a better idea

Hope this helps!

OK, Inside Check App State, I need to have a screen with the element Im looking for?

yes, you got it right :+1:

that element won’t be there at start, so the right side block would be executed and it will send right arrow key as command. this way your robot will find its way.

hi @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka

The best what you can do is to provide us with more information about your use case

  • which transaction?
  • screenshot from SAP?
  • what exact you want to click / filter

Screenshot will tell much more than description

Thanks, Lev

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