UIPath Click Toolbar - Indicate on screen doesn't recognize

Hi all,
I’ve run th transaction with the data that I need and now I need to export it to excel.

If I use “Click Picture on Screen” or “Click Toolbar Button” when I try to indicate element on screen, it doesn’t recognize the “list” button (instead it recognizes the whole area):

How can I solve it? What is the best way to export data from a SAP transaction to Excel?

Thank you in advance,
Tiago Dias

It looks like you either don’t have server side scripting enabled, or client side scripting enabled.

Take a look here.

There are multiple ways, but I would probably recommend using the built-in SAP functionality to export to Excel.

Look here.

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Hi @Tiago_Dias

did you try it with SAP scripting using C# or VB.Net?
Here are two helpful videos that would help you.
Video 1: UiPath | SAP GUI Scripting with VB.Net | How to connect to SAP with VB.Net | SAP GUI Automation - YouTube
Video 2: UiPath | SAP GUI Scripting with C# | How to connect to SAP with C# | SAP GUI Automation in UiPath - YouTube

if you want to learn more the structure of SAP you can also watch this video:
Link: SAP | SAP Structure | SAP Hierarchy | How to write code in SAP | SAP GUI Scripting | App Con Ses - YouTube

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Hello Tiago,
you can very easy check if SAP GUI Scripting works on your client, you can find an instruction here. The answer from @sonnymeyer is the correct way.
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