SAP no.of cell rows in screen

Hi Team,

In SAP one of the T code is having 25 cell rows(or 19 based on screen resolution) to enter data as shown in below picture.
But these cells count 25 is not constant based on screen resolution it changes.
scenario: lets say i have 90 rows of that that i need to enter so in first screen i will paste 25 cell data and press enter where it will navigate me to second page and i will enter another 25 cells data.

So my query is , is there any way to get the total cells count like 25 or 19 of the page . like cells shown in image. So that i can prepare a batch job for that and process it.


Hi @srikanthmadireddy78

From the use case above I would recommend just to use always max 19 row and enter the data here. Once entered and confirmed, move to the second page and do the same. It will be always 19 + 19 + 19 +19.

=> Then you do not have any dependencies on screen resolution.

From the screenshot above, I am not able to recognise the transaction, please share.

But in general you can get always the row count from SAP ID.

eg. In my case I have prepared a screenshot for you

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev,
Thank you for your reply
the t code is F-03

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