EXCEL - SAP integration

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My query

  1. Data is populated into a particular table in SAP from Excel (700 rows, 3 columns)
  2. For every 19th row in excel data, a manual intervention is required in SAP.


Is there an activity or any other option to pause the bot as soon as it reaches every 19th row? So, once the manual process is done, there should be an option to make the bot continue its process.

Alternative (which I dont want)
Alternate solution would be to give only 19 entries in excel at a time. Once the work is completed, next set of 19 entries needs to be pasted into the excel. So 700/19 = 37 times I need to copy paste data into excel, which I dont want to do.
P.S. - Also, I need to learn the quick way :slight_smile:

Hey @vignesh_krishnamoorthy
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The easiest way to achieve what you’re trying to do is to use Message Box activity.
Read more about Message Box here

  1. Add a counter variable which you will increment at the end of the loop
  2. Add an if condition for modular division to find multiples of 19
  3. If multiple of 19, Show Message Box. You can have various buttons show up on the box too:
    3.1 Ok
    3.2 Yes,No
    3.3 Yes,No, Cancel

If you want to introduce extra features in the process, such as stop processing more records if ‘No’ or ‘Cancel’ is clicked, you should use these button options.
Otherwise, clicking ‘Ok’ will be enough to continue the process.

:exclamation: Note: This will absolutely halt the process and won’t continue unless an input is provided. If running unattended, the robot will stop at the first message box prompt.


Can you explain with a simple sequence? Would be helpful.

Hi @vignesh_krishnamoorthy
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Please see the attached file:
Sequence30.xaml (7.7 KB)
Here is the excel file also:
InputTable.xlsx (21.3 KB)

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Hi Dawodm,

Thanks for your reply.

Requesting a screenshot of the sequence attached. Facing a glitch loading the same.



Hi @vignesh_krishnamoorthy

I think you’re missing the following:

  1. UiPath.Excel.Activities
  2. UiPath.System.Activities

Hi @vignesh_krishnamoorthy

Please see this comment. I think you don’t have these packages in your UiPath Studio, therefore you are not able to see the activities. Please import these packages and then try to see my sequence.

@RPAForEveryone Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Dawodm,

Thankyou for your reply. Can you please name the packages to be imported?


Hi Dawodm,

Still the sequence isnt getting enabled.

For your reference.

Please help.

oh sorry, I sent the wrong package name.
You need to import the normal excel package. You don’t have the standard activities.
Please make sure you have these activities: Read Range, For Each Row etc.

For example for the excel activities you need the following package:

Best regards

Hi Dawodm,

Thankyou for the revert. Kindly check the below.


Hi All,

Happy that I could crack it by myself and also with your valuable inputs.

Tried attaching the screenshot of my sequence, but having restrictions being a new user. Wanted to share the same with the community to inturn be of help to others.

Let me know if there is a way.

Thanks and regards.