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Hi, I tried to find a solution on this forum, I saw responses from @LevKushnir and youtubes on the web, even ChatGBT which is still too limited to solve such queries… No success!

I use SAP GUI for Windows 770 and UiPath StudioX 2020.10.6 version. I work in a global company and we use Single Sign On for SAP and almost everywhere.

I had a many hours of learning plan with UiPath Academy called Reboot your skills… anyway, trying to automate a simple 6 to 7 steps process of generating a report from SAP with UiPath (steps like open SAP, Call Transaction…) and I struggle on the first 2 steps - logging into SAP is blocking calling transaction.

I get window with question regarding Multiple Logons.

How to handle this issue apparently generated by SSO?

Hi @krzysztof.gorski,

This type of login is basically when the user you are using to login into sap is already logged into sap in somewhere.


  1. Identify this window use element exists and click on Continue with this login i.e. first option.
  2. Permanent solution to completely aviod this popup is enable multiple instances login on your sap user.

Hope this helps.

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HI @krzysztof.gorski

Try to use Type into instead of Call transaction. does it work?


Hi, thanks for the effort, however I do not understand the option 1 how to build this, and option 2 is not an option as per shared screen shot we do not have multiple logons as per license agreements. Thanks for the effort!

Hi Lev, yes, it worked, the action ignores the pop-up window and I can work even the pop-up still there! Great! Thanks for the solution :+1:

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