SAP.logon - avoid single sign on

Hi there,
is it possible to avoid the automatic login when using the SAP.logon activity? In our company we can do a login to SAP using our Windows credentials.
I would like to use SAP.logon only for opening the “login” screen for the specified SAP system (as shown in the UIPAth Academy, “SAP Automation 2020”). Afterwards I would like to SAP.login to to the login. However, SAP.logon is doing an automatic login using my Windows credentials.



In case that you are using SSO for SAP Logon I would suggest following workaround.

Do not use SAP Logon activity, but simple Click activity → Select the right system → Right-mouse click → and Logon without SSO

Best regards, Lev

Thx Lev!
Besides that workaround no “official” activity exists, right?

Official “SAP Logon” activity does not care about SSO / non SSO.

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