Avoid Single Sign on

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My organization uses single sign on(SSO) for SAP. I want to skip the SSO option and want to use my credentials to do the login. How can I achieve that.

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hi @rohit.singhania

Your question has nothing to do with UiPath :slight_smile:

But let me give a you a short hint: Use right mouse-click and choose the option Without SSO

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I’d use “sapshcut.exe” with login credentials as parameters to start SAPGUI.


Thanks for your reply.
Can you also suggest on how can we select different views depending on the choice from logon pad. For example in the screenshot which you gave has “explorer view”.

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As mentioned above:

If you have some challenges with UiPath automation, please use UiPath forum and we will help you :white_check_mark:

If you are in troubles with SAP itself, please speak to your colleagues in the company or use SAP forum. :no_entry:

Best regards, Lev

Hi LevKushnir,

When I ask on how to select an object on sap log on pad using UIpath, i dont understand that how it is not a UIpath related query and how is it SAP question.

Anyway thanks for your time.

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