SAP Login without Click activities

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I have a little concern. I want to login into the given SAP connection but I don’t really want to use the click activities because it is easy to interfere. For example in Excel you can send hotkeys and it will work. Is there any chance to do something like that in SAP?

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Hi @achalisma

Use SAP Logon activity

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Hello @LevKushnir

When I search for SAP activities there are none. Then I tried to install the packages “ 1.0.0” and “SharpSapRfc 2.0.10” but it says “This package is signed but not by a trusted signer.”.
Any idea?


Use official UiPath Package

–> go to Manage Packages, set the checkbox on “Include Prerelease” and upgrade to UIAutomation Package 20.10.0-preview. This includes our latest SAP development and SAP Activities out-of-the-box

Best regards, Lev

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I did and there are no other packages and in the dropdown there are no other versions :confused:

On the screen above, I am missing the official UiPath source

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I think the problem is that in the company I work in there are already given packages and I can’t download other ones. For example I don’t have the “Official” field. I am gonna ask someone in my office. Maybe they can help me out :sweat_smile:
Thank you very much, appreciated a lot!

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