SAP tree structure when login to SAP

I’am new to uipath and trying to automate SAP logon. i have to select many sub folders inside the connections(exists in SAP logon) folder to get the options for selecting the server and then i have to provide username and password.
i am really confused in parsing the folder and selecting the exact server to login. Below is the attached screenshot

Does this automation requires SAP GUI scripting or can it be done using any other existing activities .
please help me on this . Thanks in advance !!


Hello Roopa,
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It is not necessary to handle an SAP log on via the tree. Use instead the activities SAP Logon and SAP Login.


The activity SAP Logon starts the Logon or uses an existing instance, chooses the connection with the transferred name and opens a session. The SAP Login activity logs into the SAP system.
This works without any problems.
Best regards

Hi @StefanSchnell thanks a lot for your quick reply. It resolves my confusion and SAP logon automation done.

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