SAP Logon activities issue in 2020.10.4

  1. I’m facing challenges while using SAP logon activities. If I select continue on error it works fine, if I disable it then it stops n throws error.
  2. Also selectors are sometimes taking the full window rather than one element at a time.

Example for point 1;
SAP Logon: Internal SAP error occured:
HRESULT: 0x800405E8
Message: IDispatch error #1000
Description: SAP Logon connection entry not found

It’s a known issue, please provide some patch to fix it atleast as we are a partner.


Could you share a screenshot of the SAP Logon activity inside Studio as you are using it. From the description you have posted, maybe you left the Connection Name field blank or there’s a typo there.

I build production level automations with SAP, and I don’t use the SAP Logon activity. I prefer to use normal ‘Type’ and ‘Click’ activities to interact with the SAP UI and login. Please consider trying this.