SAP Logon: Internal SAP error occured after using new SAP login Activity

Hi I am facing an issue while running the process that uses SAP login Activity from orchestrator. SAP Logon: Internal SAP error occured: HRESULT: 0x800405E8 Message: IDispatch error #1000 Description: SAP Logon connection entry not found

I got this error. Can anyone let me know what is the issue?


Refer the following link for reference:

Do let me know in case of issue :slight_smile:

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Thanks Shubham for the reply.

But beforing making the change to use new activity of UIpath for SAP Logon we could connect to SAP and login.

That would create dependence on the user to do that, right?

I meet the same problem with you,have you solved it ?

Yes the issue was that the environment name SAP In my system was slightly different from environment name of sap in remote server used by robot
Just check if your environment name Used in SAP logon is right

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