SAP - How to identify the colour value in the table

Hi Team,

I am trying to find the highlighted red color value from table in sap

But unable to find the solution.Vould you please provide the solution if you have any idea on this

Please look into below screenshot for your reference

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Hi @Naveen.Ch

Can you confirm that You need to find the Data of the Read color value


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Hi @Gokul001

Thank you for the quick response

Yes, we need the row index and cell value of highlighted red colour one


I don’t think so it would be possible to read the highlighted text here. If the position is fixed then we can read it based on the row and column number.


Any idea on this ?

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Hi @lakshman

that is dynamic where the cell is red colour we need to identify the row index based on row index we have to get the value


My thought:

Indicate the highlighted text and normal text using Get Text activity and find out whether highlighted text contains any attribute to identify it uniquely. If it’s there then you need to follow below steps.

  1. If there is no error then Bot will navigate to next page or anything right. Use Element Exists activity and check its navigated next page or not. If it is navigated to next then it will return True else false.

  2. In else part, you need to use For Each loop by incrementing row number and find out which row item got failed.

Note: I know it’s lengthy process but I don’t have any idea other than this.

Let’s wait for other replies and see.

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HI @Naveen.Ch

It is clear, what you want to do, BUT what is not clear: the real business use case?

  • What you want to achieve?
  • What is will bring you to know the exact red line?

Do not forget, that you are getting the red message also in Statusbar

You can easily work with Statusbar

Best regards, Lev

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hi @LevKushnir

We can read the status bar valeue but this is not a stats bar

But what i am expecting, we have to find the red color row value in the exported results table and need to remove that row

Best Regards,
Naveen Chagantu

HI @Naveen.Ch

To be able to answer your question 100%, the use case should be clear:

  • From where you are getting the values?
  • How you are entering the values in the table?
    Once the business logic is clear, we can find the way how to automate it.

See here some idea to your issue

  1. you see the red line in table

  2. you will use the Read Statusbar activity to get a real value out of error and will store this as variable

  1. then you will use Get Attribute Activity to find out the exact position of the row based on the value you got from point 2

  1. then you can perform any action with this TABLE CELL, because you know the exact position such as TableRow and TableColumn

Best regards, Lev

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