Identify blue color text and click on that in SAP

Hi All,

I am automating SAP Application and want to identify blue color text in the below screenshot and then perform some tasks on that. Could you please help me in this.


Hi @lakshman

Tricky! I assume there is no access to selectors? It might be an interesting challenge then, maybe someone will be willing to tackle it!


Yes, No. Lines will change for every transaction. I can access it from selectors but I don’t want to do anything with black color lines data.

I have to identify blue color data and then need to perform some tasks.

If anyone worked for this kind of issue then could you please help me to resolve this issue. This is the last step to complete this process. I hope someone will help me and eagerly waiting for your reply.

Hi @lakshman were you able to find a solution for the problem?

I am facing a scenario where i have to extract blue coloured texts from a web page. The webpage contains multiple tables and i have to extract rows which contain texts in blue colour. But the location of those texts can change for different transactions.

Can anyone please help? @lakshman @KarthikByggari @Palaniyappan

Thanks in advance

Hi @ankit002

I didn’t find any method or some way to find the coloured text.
Let listen from other forum members.

And also let me check if I find any way to find the coloured text.

Karthik Byggari



No bro. I didn’t find any solution for this issue. We followed some other approach instead of looking for colour based text.

I want to click on coloured text from web page and every time the coloured text will change along with its place can i have any solution on this one…