How to check errors shown in red color on SAP Screen?


I am automating standard SAP T-code SM58

I have 1 requirement; on SAP screen, dynamic errors appear in red background. I have to count those errors (Text in red background). How would I search text in red background ?

Addiitonally, error always comes in German language and rest data in English Language.

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Are the cells recognized in UiExplorer?
Can you inspect them and check the attributes - hopefully something will differ for a red cell vs a white cell?

No that’s not recognised. It takes entire screen only. Can we capture back ground color in screen scrapping ?

If you know when the error comes up, can you capture that spectific area using Get Visible Text activity. F3 to select specific area (Red Color).

No It is dynamic.

Do you have SAP Scripting enabled. It might get recognized.

It is enabled.

can I convert scrapped data in data table ?

In this case it won’t work. We should build an activity for this. Hope there is an workaround. For example recognizing the language using the cognitive activities or check that the text is different from a predefined white text list.

ok. I am searching and SAP Table which gets displayed on the screen.

Hey @Chand

as vinay @vvaidya said use coordinates here although make sure before using it to maintain same coordinates maximize your screen so you will get always same coordinates text.

Just use indicate on scren in Get Visible Text activity then if you will click F3 mouse pointer will be converted to select a clipping region on the screen then if you will navigate to that bottom text then you will get a coordinates in properties.Uipath will get visible text from that coordinates only.

I have tried these approach 3 times when nothing was detecting and still works fine just with some more cases handling and some of my logics.


I understood but I don’t want text. I just want to count texts which are in red background.

So what you said I tried as an work around and I got full text of particular region and I removed the standard texts i.e. in english language; only dynamic texts which are errors I’m getting. but Again I have to count how many errors are there. Can we break get full/visible text output in array or something ?

Hey @chand

What i am saying you can still count by using counter just do like this way.

The text you are getting it should follow some standard to display error like some words so you can check if text contains that words then increase your counter and other options

if you are aware with error message which will occur like mostly on all possible manner then just match those text with your get text output and then increase counter.[quote=“Chand, post:12, topic:6574”]
dynamic texts which are errors I’m getting.

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Can we break get full/visible text output in array or something ?



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I have not worked much with UIPATH, however I have with Blue Prism and I’m an SAP Security Consultant by nature. What I would to is execute the report and then save it as an xls file. Then you can automatically remove “transaction recorded” or “transaction executing” in UIPATH then you can count anything else as an error instead of just colour scrapping. Most of the reports I automatically generate with BP in SAP I export and manipulate in excel as this is more effective and then you have evidence (raw file/edited file) you can follow up if needed in the future. The process might be a little longer but I believe it’s best practice doing it this way when dealing with SAP.

Hope this helps.




I tried that but unfortunately it is not giving desirable data in .xls file

Use Error Management to determine how TRANSACTION processes errors that occur when a script file is run.

On the Main menu, click Tools, and then click Options. In the list, click Error Management.
When an attempted upload produces errors, the rows with errors are not uploaded to SAP and the related error messages from SAP security are returned to the log field or column that was specified.

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We took export of all the records in .htm file and we are creating Excel file dynamically using ‘Excel Application Scope’ then we call .htm file in that excel file by using ‘import data from web’ instead of web address. We gave .htm file address and then counting cells in red color.

I’m more VBA/SAPgui scripter, than uipath user. What i recommend:
Try to find which properties are responsible for showing red german errors: