SAP gui scripting tutorials needed

Hello guys,

It would be great to have some tutorials on Gui scripting on SAP using UiPath.
As you aware that even after enabling scripting on both side we see frequently that Ui Automation doesnt work

So only most projects rely on macros for GUI scripting

Expecting some solution/answers

HI @Prafull_B

To make the life of UiPath users easier I have completely reworked the documentation.

Please check this page

Looking forward for your feedback!

Be specific, go into details, let’s make it even better. I am hearing you!

Best regards, Lev


Thank you @LevKushnir for sharing the Configuration steps

I am evaluating the 4th step to see if we can apply it and whether we can improve any piece of automation

I will update with the feedback soon.

Kind Regards,

could u show some example

@veera_g example of what?

need a screen shot of where its not working

Hi @Prafull_B

Watch this video about scipting in SAP with c#.
SAP GUI Scripting C#