SAP GUI- Identify colors in barchart


I am working on Automation in SAP GUI.The usecase involves a SAPGUI.BarchartGraphics UiElement and I am trying to identify the colour of individual bars within the graph. The entire barchart is being detected as a single block here with UiExplorer showing something like:
<wnd app='saplogon.exe
<sap id=*
Visual Tree shows ‘GuiShell shell’ and individual elements under it cannot be detected.
I have enabled user_scripting on client side , but we are not allowed to do it SAP server side.

Any suggestions on how the colours of bars within the chart can be detected?

If possible, post the SAP transaction number, name of the screen or screenshot so people can have a better idea of what you’re trying to do.


I am referring to the Resource Scheduling screen which displays allocation of employees to projects in a bar chart format as follows.I am trying to detect the colors of these bar markings , e.g. Pink in the case below

Please try this activity:


Thanks for the reference to ColorDetectorActivities, have checked it already. But in this case, the entire barchart is being recognized as a single block and I am unable to detect the individual bar items(or their coordinates) , so ColorDetector Activities could not be used. Trying with OCR based activities, but since the text on individual bars is also dynamic no luck yet.