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@JIHUN, give me an real example, as mentioned above our solution is certified by SAP for SAP WinGUI automation, it means we are following all technical standards for implementation and can automate all elements of SAP WinGUI.
no VBS, no coding! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

I wrote a simple example.

This is a function to double-click a specific SalesOrder.
Condition : SalesOrder 5110013951, not visible on the screen (need to scroll down).

  • It works normally. SalesOrder is on the screen.

  • It does not work normally when the scroll is up. (Click the actual XY coordinates of the sales number. Invisible)


  • Simulate Click does not work.(important)

  • So I replace it with VBS.


I have one more question, is there any reason, why you are not using the in-build SAP search functionality?

This will be super easy, fast and reliable solution


Thanks, Lev


Thank you for your reply.
Filtering seems to be a good alternative.
I prefer to handle raw data. (I do not prefer to access additional menus.)
As you know, it is not impossible to implement because Click is not possible.
However, I’m just wondering. UIpath’s Click doesn’t work the same as SAP GuiGridView Click.

Thanks for the hint, I will reproduce the topic and let me see, how it behaves.

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