SAP connection broken. Robot not able to move ahead / handle it

Issue is, at But run time we face SAP connection issue which can occur anytime during the Bot execution, but most of the time the bot run without any failure and also the BOT cannot proceed to next step due to SAP Connection issue and hence next scheduler get affected due to this.

This is the error screenshot. This issue is coming up randomly and we are not able to know how to handle it as there is no particular scenario / time at which we might get this.

SAP Connectivity issues are very common at our end and please help us how to handle it effectively.

HI @Pradeep_Varma

You can use Invoke Workflow with a timeout while executing it Isolated (it will run in a separate windows process). This timeout value would be the expected maximum workflow execution duration + extra time as buffer.

If sap freezes and the workflow invocation reaches the timeout you would have the exception thrown and you can handle it in your workflow as you desire.

So summary of solution:
Invoke Workflow File" with the “Isolated” property checked + Timeout property set

Best regards, Lev

The example of Workflow is here SAP Freeze handler Issues - #4 by LevKushnir

it covers exact the issue with SAP connectivity

Thanks for the solution @LevKushnir

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