SAP "FBL3N" data export via UiPath - select special format in drop-down menu

Hi community!
I would like to export line items via “FBL3N” from SAP to Excel. There are different formats that can also be selected via drop-down. How can I select in the drop-down menu e.g. “Excel (in the previous XXL format)”?
I have used the click function in UiPath, but unfortunately it does not select the correct entry. I have tried it with “F2”. Please see the attached screenshots. Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards, Johannes

SAP_select table format


I remember that dropdown allowing us to type in the value. If so, can you use type into activity to set the desired value instead of selecting from dropdown?

Sruthi YNM



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Can you please try with Select Item activity once and check whether it is able to identify drop down list or not.

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Thank you very much! With “Type into” it worked!
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