Excel - Save as type - Excel Workbook

After clicking “Save as”, then click on “Save as type” “web page”, there’s a dropdown menu. I want to select “Excel Workbook” but UiPath won’t recognize it. Any suggestion?

Hi, If you are selecting via dropdown I suggest you go with “Send Hotkey” activities rather than selecting via click.

@rachrahul2 thank you. Can you give me a quick example?

Drag and drop a send hotkey activity. Use down button (or multiple hotkeys till you reach the option) in the activity until you reach “Excel Workbook” format option and use another hotkey to send enter.

Use Uiexplorer and see what is the attribute for drop down elements and then have a click activity

Another activity you can try is “Select Item”. This will work similar to click but you can choose from list of drop downs.
I suggest you try both hotkeys and select item activities. Use the one which is more accurate.

@rachrahul2 thanks again! Tried hotkeys, it didn’t select the right item. Tried the select item activities. It worked. Thank you