SAP Elements Identification Problem


Here are some random thoughts on SAP issues:

  • when upgrading SAP it is possible for the selectors to change. If a selector fails when executing the workflow you’ll basically have to re-create it using the recorder or UiExplorer

  • I encountered a case when the scripting setting on the server was not persisted and it was reset to deafult false at server restart. Please check if that’s the case (probably isn’t).

  • when a selector fails try to use UiExplorer and see if you can select the SAP UI element on the screen.
    If not try to use the UI tree in the left and expand it to see if you can access any other SAP objects.
    The question is: is only one selector that is not working or nothing is working anymore on SAP.

  • as far as I understand you guys automate the logon into SAP. I’m not sure but I think I encountered a case when SAP GUI scripting was unavailable on login screen but after logging in everything else worked just fine.
    I would not use selectors when automating the logon to SAP. I probably go with keyboard automation and some regular selectors.
    Can you confirm that after logging in other selectors work or not?

  • UiPath uses SAP GUI scripting which is based on COM. As far as I understand it seems that at some point everything stops working. When this happens can you please try to use SAP GUI scripting from VBS to see if it still works?

  • If UiPath is not working at all on SAP you should collect ETL traces as explained here: and send it to us. Also we can schedule a remote support session if that’s OK with you.
    If not you can still automate SAP without SAP GUI scripting using click text, keyboard, images and regular selector as explained here:

  • Here is a script that performs basic checks on SAP GUI scripting: Dropbox - sap-check.js - Simplify your life
    The source code contains all the details about how to execute it as comments.
    You should run it when SAP automation works and also when it stopped working to see if there are differences in diagnostic messages in the console.