Sap easy access issue

Is the SAP Easy Access screen just an overlay?

Can i remove it and instead show the original SAP screen like this one

Because the SAP Easy access screen is missing a lot of buttons such as “save” and “execute”, however if i pass their selectors into a click activity, uipath is still able to “click” them using simulate click so they probably still exist in the back end
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Hello Jack,

these are different themes, the upper is the Quartz theme and the lower is the SAP Signature theme. Here an example of the differences of the UI elements of the screen 100 of the report SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION: (1.5 KB)

As you wrote, many buttons are missing from Signature to Quartz. This is not an overlay. Check it and configure it at the beginning of your automation workflow which theme to use. Here an example how to check the using SAP theme with an Invoke Code activity or you can use an additional library GUI Info for SAP from the UiPath Marketplace.

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thanks a lot, ill take a look

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