SAP Dialog User or System User for Automation

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I have been automating SAP Processes extensively. One of the most common questions that is asked from the Business team is regarding the SAP User that needs to be used for the automation and the implications on SAP Licensing for these users.

Can anybody share your experience or answer the below questions regarding this issue?

  1. When Automating SAP systems/applications, we definitely need a dialog user. So the dialog user can mimic the end user actions on the GUI. This however has issues when the SAP front end is upgraded. We might choose alternate BAPIs to run in the background however should we use the same Dialog User for backend operations?
  2. If we decide to use a System user for backend operations and run the BAPIs, is the SAP license associated different?
  3. What is the typical license associated with a Dialog User vs. System User in SAP?

Looking forward to some answers from the forum members. Thank you
I have seen many response from @StefanSchnell and @LoginError on these topics. If you can share some insights it would be really useful.

Santosh Sundar


Hello Santosh,

I am no expert in SAP licensing. You can find more information at SAP Licensing Guide.

To your first question: This cannot be answered in general, it depends on the requirements, security rules and the environments of your customer. Using one user ID is very comfortable from a bot’s perspective. From my experience offers this scenario a small risk.

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Dear Stefan,

Thank you so much for that quick response and the SAP licensing guide. I’ll go through it and see if I can answer some of the business questions. I agree on the Security considerations and that decides most of the choices.
I am big fan of your posts and appreciate the extent of work you have done on BAPIs.

Santosh Sundar

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Thank you very much Santosh :slightly_smiling_face: