SAP Checkbox

In SAP form, there are some check-boxes with associated string. We need to check if those check-boxes already not checked, if not then we need to checked it.
we are not able to identify it as element on sap form.
Please suggest


If you are not able to identify it as element, as last resource you can use a “Image Exists” to identify if is that checked or not


Image exist is not able to identify if check box checked or not.
in that image we care indicating “checkbox + relative string”


SAP GUI Scripting is required in order to enable UI elements recognition capabilities in SAP automation.
In case not then we need to use little different way of operating the uipath activities.
You could make use of click text activity to identify the checkbox and use OCR relative scraper to get status(not sure it works but some time it does return some extra field in the scraper output for the selected checkbox) .
Give a try. :slight_smile:

Hello Team,

This is not working for me. Please suggest. Let me know if i can give more information.

@ovi do you think any other way?

Please suggest if you find anything.

Hi ,
Coming back to previous point .
When you said it’s not working for me .
Did you try with Enabling sap script ?
Did you try click text ?
Did you try relative OCR?
Did you install all available package from package manager ?

how to enable SAP gui scripting:
Note that this is setting for local instalation of SAP, not for specific user.

If you need to disable additional messages about SAP scripting, you need to uncheck notifications.

Let’s keep notification part apart,Does enabling scripting does job ? :thinking:

I’m automating some tables in the SAP Application and now I require to validate if a checkbox is checked or not. If the checkbox is enabled, then “Get Attribute” gives me an option to select the property “Checked”, by which I used to validate. But here, the checkbox is disabled (Display/Read only) State. So, I’m not getting “Checked” Property while using “Get Attribute” Activity.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to handle it. I need to verify if it is checked or not.