SAP Business Client 8.00 - UiPath not recognize


I want generate and download report from SAP Business Client 8.00.

After clicking “Spreadsheet…” I’m receiving error “The indicated element does not belong to the target application/browser.”
I cannot use also separate button for generating report as UiPath seems not recognizing this section (either pick generated data or full screen - buttons and data).

Of course I’ve enabled scripting in options.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Hi @jakub.jablonski

→ You are using the Ui element activity inside the Use application\browser activity.
→ You have to indicate the element which is captured parent application in the Use application\browser activity.

Hope it helps!!

Yes, I’ve selected SAP inside “Use application\browser activity” and issue appears anyway.
I’ve tested choosing SAP report and main page with transactions and it didn’t help.