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I am new to SAP BAPI. Can anyone please suggest me the steps or prerequisites to install UiPath.SAP.BAPI.activities

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Deepika Y

@Dpuraj, Hi and Welcome back.

Please browse through the below, hope it helps:

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Thank you SenzoD.

Is there any windows server version of this connector? since 32 bit is usually not meant for windows server installs.

No. this cannot be true, 32 bit applications are actually ideal to run on server OS.

i mean 64-bit editions of Windows are compatible with 32-bit programs by default, and the C:\Program Files (x86) folder is designated for these applications. The system runs 32-bit applications as part of the default Windows OS anyways.


For establishing the connection to SAP system, We need some details to be configured in SAP workflow wizard such as 1.login credentials 2.chose BAPI arguments and 4.generate workflow. Currently I have only arguments and BAPI name. From where do I get other details like system connection parameters and login information?

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Speak to your SAP Administator

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