Installing SAP BAPI

I’m just starting to study UI Path not long ago, (±1 week) and I need to use SAP BAPI functionality so I tried to install the package. But, I always failed and get this message no matter what version I install. I also already installed the 32bit (x86) .NET 4.0 Variant of the SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET 3.0 (NCo 3.0). But the result is just the same:

How can I install the BAPI activities? Thank you very much!

Hi @worry,
You can try to install “UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities” in Manage Packages.

Hello, I already tried that and I got that message I included above, no matter what version I installed. And I already installed the prerequisites, too.

It’s already solved, the solution is below:

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