How to automate sap application without enabling the sap gui scripting

Hi all,

I would like to automate a process in SAP but the robot does not detect the elements, for example the checkbox or the text box, and it only detects the whole screen.
I know that Enabling SAP GUI Scripting helps to automate SAP processes but my company does not allow to modifiy SAP.

Do you know if there is another option to interact with SAP without Enabling SAP GUI Scripting?

Thank you for your help.


You can automate SAP wihtout enabling GUI Scripting, you need to use UIExplorer to identify the selectors, if you are not able to get proper selector with the “Default” option then try with “Active Accessibility” or “UI Automation”. Even in that case few times it wont work for all the elements, so in that case go with Images for those controls alone.

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How about using cv?


We need additional license for CV, you can try with that.

Hey @santhoshsaravanan91

I would take a look at the SAP Automation course on UiPath Academy.

UiPath SAP Automation with Studio | UiPath Academy



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Hello @santhoshsaravanan91

You can try with CV automation, but suggested is to enable scripting in SAP and to do the UI Automation.
If you have to make some selectors dynamic and all, then normal ui autoamtion will help.
Better to convey the necessity and enable the SAP GUI scripting for the automation.

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Hi All,

When I tried to click my application using normal click I’m getting error as "cannot automate remote app uipath remote runtime.exe is not running "getting this exception.

I connect my SAP application by logging to CITRIX on chrome browser, after clicking on my SAP application. it will start in my local machine. tried with “Active Accessibility” or “UI Automation” still the same error.

Did yoi get solutions for this?

Hi @ydash999 with the help of CV I’m able to automate my application, looking for other options.