SAP automation, How to select option and verify if this option is selected

Hello Community,

I am trying to click on delivery text option from the list (the list is huge and delivery text is in between, Need to scroll to get and click delivery text) and then i want to verify if the delivery text option is selected in SAP.



SAP Click Toolbar Button,
SAP Select Menu Item,
Or Modern Click activity to select the item. You can use Get attribute “aaname” to compare the selected value.

okay will have a look!

Okay, so the option 1 and 2. It doesn’t in the QA system.


If sap specific activities are not working then we can use the below

  1. Do while loop with conditikn as true and max iteration as some value for safety
  2. Inside it use check app state with visibility property and in selector use dynamic selector in innertext to seqrch for the requird text to be clicked
  3. On the then side use click with same selector and use break
  4. On else side use mouse scroll activity to scroll


@Anil_G Used hardware click as you suggested and it worked, Thank you.

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Glad it helped …

Happy Automation


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